At the very beginning of this path, I saw the Archive of Healing as pushing the boundaries of what counts as an archive and what counts as data. More than other goals, I wanted the project to facilitate good relations. To that end, I invite you to consider how best to partner with the Archive of Healing.    


Our partnership might not entail any exchange of money or data. A partnership could simply mean learning from and helping each other. While remaining open to a creative and unique relationship with us, please consider how partnering with the Archive of Healing might benefit you in any of the following:


  • Recommendations for programmers, speakers, contacts;
  • Secondary investigators or Co-PI’s on grant applications;
  • Sharing the monetary benefits through invoiced projects pertaining to our shared interests;
  • Developing education modules that can be adopted in K-12, secondary, or college curricula; 
  • Co-organizing workshops, roundtables, and presentations;
  • Connecting students, interns, and speakers to outlets that channel their growth and training.


The Archive of Healing is in early conversations with UCLA’S Center for Community Engagement, which would support the creation of community-based coursework. In these community-engaged classes, students would learn about healing and wellness in UCLA classrooms while earning credit hours for their work in the community. We are seeking partners, then, from Los Angeles-based community organizations particularly. 


If you can think of ways that UCLA students might join you on projects like nurturing community gardens, promoting wellness in Urban Communities (including addressing issues of mental health, stress, and non-English speaking households), art therapy, or practice-based healing (yoga, meditation, energy work, etc.) then please let us know.  


We look forward to possible collaborations with you!


Thank you,


Dr. David Delgado Shorter