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Welcome to the Archive of Healing™! 



Our mission at the Archive of Healing™ is to:

  • Encourage the growth, collection, development and free distribution of multicultural content on health and healing 
  • Empower people around the world to develop and share health-related content beyond elite institutions
  • Foster discussions on non-allopathic healing modalities 


Navigate our site 

Are you an independent or institutional scholar? Healer? Seeker? Whoever you are, the Archive of Healing has something for you. 

We suggest you begin your journey with the AH through the following steps. 

  1. Create an account that reflects your background, training, and areas of interest
  2. Search key terms that relate to your interests (i.e, “lavender,” “gold,” “beauty”) 
  3. Browse our diverse data points - You’ll find that data points come from a variety of regions across the world. 
  4. Comment - Contribute your thoughts on particular data cards. Perhaps you have an experience or question you’d like to share with our vast network of healers, scholars, and general users. 
  5. Add your favorite data points to your “bundle” so you can easily view them later. Do this by clicking on the sack-shaped icon at the bottom right of your chosen card. This way you’ll build your own digital cabinet of healing remedies you can easily return to.
  6. Experiment with key terms - Try, for instance, typing “chair” into our search engine.  You never know what mundane objects were once (and in some cases, are still) considered essential to our health and well-being! 
  7. Flag and Tag - When coming across a data card that could use more tags or that contains triggering language, help the AH by clicking on the flag icon at the bottom right of the card and follow the instructions for alerting our administrative team about problematic content.



Upon following the navigation tips above, we hope you will maintain the safety and quality of the AH by taking the following into consideration:

  • Responsibility – Please take responsibility for your contributions in the comment sections of our data cards. The AH team does not verify the accuracy of user comments, so please mark your license upon providing professional advice, or otherwise contextualize your comments as experience-based observations. 
  • Fair Behavior – In the interest of growing our community, please engage in comment sections with civility, and with a mind towards contributing to knowledge production rather than policing other comments. As mentioned earlier, because much of the content included on the site is taken verbatim from historical documents, we are aware that users are likely to come across problematic language that might strike conscientious audiences as racist, sexist, or in other ways offensive. Please flag cards liberally, but also fairly. Ask yourself if the benefits of editing or removing an offensive data card will outweigh losses of removing it from public access. Even odd or apparently irrelevant data can be useful! For instance, folklore can benefit researchers trying to learn about how certain health conditions were thought about differently over time."
  • Lawful Behavior – Please do not violate copyright laws when contributing writing or photographs. For example, if you are a card reviewer and decide to upload a photo to help elaborate on a card's content, please be sure to credit the image creator and/or source.
  • No Harm – Please apply your user privileges to benefit the lives of site users. Please do not contribute comments or suggestions that could potentially lead to psychological or physical harm.