Welcome to the Archive of Healing

The core data of the Archive of Healing (AH)™ was collected by a team of researchers at UCLA, working under the direction of Dr. Wayland Hand and then Dr. Michael Owen Jones. They spent over thirty years collecting data on healing from over 3,200 publications, six university archives, as well as first-hand and second-hand information from anthropological and folkloric fieldnotes. The collected data spans over two-hundred years and seven continents. Originally named the “Archive of Traditional Medicine,” the Archive of Healing™ is now under the direction of Dr. David Delgado Shorter. Since 2016, Dr. Shorter has worked with a team of students to curate the data into data types, which include both shareable and now private content. 

You can learn more about the Archive of Healing™ in this article or in this YouTube video

The Archive of Healing™ seeks to provide an approach to wellness that democratizes knowledge while complimenting allopathic modalities. Rather than solely object-orientated resources, the Archive contains bodily practices, verbal acts, intersubjective relations, and plant-based remedies. Additionally, the AH hopes to circulate any licensing, subscription, and partnering benefits back to the communities where the data originated, or to other communities of need. 

Our aim for the Archive of Healing™ includes building an advisory board that reviews the previously collected data, as well as reviews newly submitted data. We hope the site provides peer-to-peer sharing of information regarding health; a place for wellness specialists and healers to reach collaborators; a focal point for classes on healing and community learning; a reservoir of information from which to help communities on and off campuses; and a possible database to help develop new approaches in medical care including nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and art therapy. 

If you are an organization, company, or business and would like to learn more about collaborations, partnerships, or licensing, please reach out to us.

If you are an individual healer, doctor, doula, midwife, medicine person, herbalist, witch, energy worker, MD, botanical owner, or other specialist interested in joining our Advisory Board, please send us your bio and any links to your practice.

And if you are interested in accessing the site generally, please visit us again in early 2021 to request an account.