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Image of Hindustan Times Front Image for May 14th Article

Hindustan Times - May 14, 2021

The Hindustan Times, the second largest daily in India, did an exclusive story on The Archive of Healing. 

Image of Hindustan Times Print Version

Digital Flier for Good Food with Dr. David Shorter

KCRW's Good Food - May 1, 2021

KCRW's host, Evan Kleiman, and the show's producers, Laryl Garcia and Gillian Ferguson, made possible a delightful radio interview with the Archive of Healing™ director, Dr. David Shorter. 

"Archiving Healing, Ritual, and Transformation with Spices"

Cover Image of Smithsonian Magazine Article about the Archive of Healing

Smithsonian Magazine Article - March 31, 2021

The Smithsonian Magazine published an article by Isis Davis-Marks where she introduced the Archive of Healing™ to the world, one week after the AH went live. 

"How a New Digital Archive Preserves—and Protects—Indigenous Folk Medicine"

Image of Dr. David Shorter, Director of the Archive of Healing

Atlas Obscura Article - April 21, 2021

Atlas Obscura's culinary division, Gastro Obscura, published an essay by Reina Gattuso where she interviewed the Archive's director, advisory board members, healers, and some of Dr. Shorter's students.

"Help Curate This Vast Trove of Kitchen-Table Remedies"