Our Advisory Board

We are fortunate to be guided by an Advisory Board that assist in directing the site toward a promising future. Board members meet twice a year to help the Director make executive decisions pertaining to the site’s function, mission, and responsible maintenance of the site’s data. Some Advisory Board members serve as leads of the Reviewers, helping resolve ethical concerns that might arise regarding the data points. Board members are sometimes asked to meet directly in small group discussions (remotely) to help the site administrators with matters pertaining to fund raising, grant writing, site functionality, and data review.

Our Advisory Board considers self-nominations for membership. We are particularly interested in members from under-represented communities and from a range of healing modalities. If are interested in joining us, please send us a four to five sentence statement of interest, a single URL that encapsulates your professional experience, and a resume/CV. Your statement should concisely address your contributions to an advisory team for the Archive of Healing. If you wish to be considered, please write us at AHABinquiry at our Gmail account. Along with your user analytics from the site, your materials will be reviewed by the current Advisory Board members. Twice a year, the Advisory Board votes on new members.

Advisory Board members may be asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Board members serve at the will of the Director. Members automatically forfeit their position on the Board by misrepresenting their own professional service, misrepresenting the Archive of Healing, attempting to mine data, or the selling or delivery of the Archive of Healing data for personal or collaborator profit. Board members serve for three years under normal circumstances and may be asked to continue without re-election.