Frequently Asked Questions

As pertinent questions arise from Advisory Board members and testers, this page will populate slowly over time. If you have questions about site functionality, future possibilities, and any difficulties, please write us at adviseAH at gmail dot com so that we can address your comments directly. Thank you. 


Account Creation

Q: When signing up for an account, I noticed many areas to choose as personal interests. I think that list should be expanded or changed.

A: Great, just let us know. We are adding and combining some on an ongoing basis. Currently on deck are "child/adolescent health" and "acupunture, craniosacral therapy, and hypnotherapy."


Flagged/Reported Card Management

Q: As an Advisory Board member, I can see that some cards have the status of "pending." Should I do anything?

A: Yes, please adjust to approved/active. All of the original data was set to "pending" by machine learning if the categorization was not otherwise clear.