Our Thanks

The Archive of Healing™ has at least three distinct phases, each made possible through teams of laborers, directors, and supporters. The current director, Dr. David Delgado Shorter, acknowledges that while the server is not in Los Angeles, most of the labor and institutional support for the project has thus far taken place at UCLA, a land grant institution that acknowledges the Gabrielino/Tongva peoples as the traditional land caretakers of Tovaangar (Los Angeles basin, So. Channel Islands).


Additionally, the core data in the Archive of Healing™ was compiled by many people over forty years. Our team has worked to determine some of the original knowledge bearers who shared their healing ways with anthropologists, fieldworkers, folklorists, and other knowledge collectors. We have much more work to do on this front. We must remain mindful that the knowledge in this database comes from somewhere, from a particular people. As we work toward the protection and respectful sharing of the data, we thank them for being patient as we circulate the benefits of their original sharing and clarify their intentions moving forward. 


Starting with the most recent phase, 2016 to 2020, we have the following people to thank:



David Delgado Shorter


Assistant Director

Alex McKinley



Michael Lynch


Data Management Team

Ariel Hahn

Alyssa Tou

Joyce Wang


Icon Artist

Alberto Lerdo


Photo Credits

Wallpaper photos are randomly generated from free stock photo websites using “keywords” such as “healing,” “medicine,” “ritual,” “nature.” Photographers provide their images to these sites (Canva, Freestocks, Unsplash, etc.) knowing they will be used for personal and commercial projects without credits. We are working on a way to show the photographers’ names along with their respective photos. Until that time, please refer to those three sites listed above to learn more about the photographs. 


Machine Learning

Arvin Hsu

Dave Shepherd


UCLA Research and Instructional Technology Consultant
Benjamin Niedzielski 


Faculty Innovation Fellowship/Startup UCLA Consultants

Deanna Evans

Keith Gibson

Robert Jadon


In the first four years of directing the project, Dr. Shorter benefited from financial support that helped pay for initial labor and classroom assistance. The advancements in the research were possible due to the UCLA Common Collaboration and Learning Environment Innovation and Development Program; UCLA Dean of Humanities’ Discretionary Funds Award; UCLA Digital Research Consortium Digital Humanities Accelerator; UCLA Startup Faculty Innovation Fellowship; and UCLA School of Arts and Architecture Faculty Research Grant. 


Since 2017, Dr. Shorter had the privilege of teaching a series of courses on Healing, Ritual and Transformation. The students in those classes had many conversations regarding the design, functionality, categorization of data, and ethical practices shaping the Archive of Healing™. Some students contributed more than others in advanced seminars and independent studies; but all students helped the site in a foundational stage of development. The students include: 


Marina Acosta, Jeny Bannon, Kali Ann Basman, Izella Berman, Monica Berry, Coralie Bollier, Degenhart Brown, Isabella D’Agnenica, Julianna Delucia, Ava Durbrow, Priscilla Escobar, Evelin Escobedo, David Feldman, Reina Flynn, Maritza Geronimo, Emma Goodfield, Elizabeth Gomez, Anita Grigore, Riley Johnson, Imogen Ker, Jane Lee, Corban Lethcoe, Alex McKinley, Ariel Nash Hahn, Emily Lopez, Megan Merati, Alexis Miles, Marion Moseley, Rachel Moriconi, Haley Murach, Alliyah Murphy, Christina Novakov-Ritchey, Paulette Orhii, Kamil Oshundara, America Perez, Erin Patrick, Sarah Paset, Samar Saif, Sofia Sheldon, Amely Sijo, Hannah Valenzuela, Clara Vara Escamilla, Michelle Vo, Andrea Wold, Leah Woodcox, Hanna Young, Sasha Zamani, Genevieve Zimmerman


Supportive Individuals: Anthony Caldwell, Emily Loughran, Evan Myer, Todd Presner, Gunnar Keel, John Lynch, Patrick Polk, Annelie Rugg, David Schaberg, Lucian Tucker


Previous to 2016, the Archive of Healing™ was The Archive of Traditional Medicine. Their “Personnel Page” listed the following: 



Michael Owen Jones


Project Managers

Joseph A. Ward

George Graf


Folk Medicine Consultant

Frances Cattermole-Tally


Project Advisors

Carole H. Browner

Alison O. Bunting

Kay E. Deeney

Anne Gilliland-Swetland

Yness Viole O’Neill

Patrick A. Polk


Data Entry Personnel

Carol Kemp Branch, Tim Correll, Steve Durell, Larry Eson, Anthony Garcias, Claudia Hernandez, Ladee Hubbard, Heather Joseph-Witham, Joshua Kemp, Ann Kim, Jae Kim, Denise Kozikowski, Nicole LaCour, Sean Leys, Michaela Margolies, Andrew Miller, Kimberly Miller, Antone, Minard, Camilla Mortenson, Kerry noonan, Irina Ozernoy, Patience Seloma, Pearl Seloma, Sarah Songer, Steve Wehmeyer, and Chris Wood


Website Designers

Elizabeth Adams, Ricardo Garcia, Sandra M. Posey and Joel Risberg



The collection and arrangement of materials contained within the Online Archive of American Folk Medicine has been supported in part by the UCLA Academic Senate, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare.


Funding for the creation of the automated database and online archive was provided by the National Library of Medicine.


Note: Our post-2016 archival work into the archive project’s incarnations suggests that funds were also received by either Dr. Wayland Hand (original project director) or Dr. Michael Owen Jones by the Canadian Museum of Civilization, National Institute on Cancer; National Institute of General Medical Sciences; National Institute of Mental Health, National Science Foundation; Office of Alternative Medicine; Rockefeller Foundation; UCLA Council on Research. We are not sure why these were not listed in their Funding section on the previous digitized archive.